About The Remote CEO

The Remote CEO delivers hyper-targeted training experiences for solopreneurs that are looking to make more money,  work less and build a class A remote team.

If your business is a one-person show, you know exactly that feeling, at the end of your workday, when you know that there's still so much more stuff to take care of. When you are the only person in your business, work is never over. Even after a 15 hour day... We are here to change that. Our proven formula has worked consistently across industries and markets, and that's because we specialize in helping you solve three main pillars that all solopreneurs should take care of before taking their business to the next level.

1. Charging more for their offer to increase profit margins.

2. Getting a constant lead flow to increase sales.

3. Building people and software systems to work less and enjoy life.

  • How is The Remote CEO qualified to deliver this solution?

    Our founder and CEO, Deniero Bartolini is a veteran in the digital advertising space with over a decade of experience building systems to automate sales and customer service. He started as a freelancer working 16 hours a day and finally reaching the breaking point that took him to the hospital. After working with several coaches and mentors, he finally realized that that to free up his time, he needed to build a name for himself and become an expert in his field, charge more, and use the extra profits to outsource the work. Deniero started his first podcast in 2013 and that slowly turned into The Remote CEO show. As of this writing, the show has about 530 episodes and is one of the staples of a lifestyle business. Over the years, through the podcast, Deniero rubbed shoulders with countless 7, 8, and 9 figure entrepreneurs that mentored him and helped him go from burned out, stressed out solopreneur to CEO of a 20 people digital marketing agency. After his digital marketing clients saw how fast Deniero had built his team, some of them approached him to get coaching on remote team building, brand recognition, and sales. This was the turning point for Deniero and his marketing agency. He decided to fully transition his business from a done-for-you model to a full coaching and consulting firm. Over the years The Remote CEO has been trusted by thousands of private clients as well as public organizations such as the Government of Canada and Employment Ontario. The Remote CEO and Deniero have been featured in dozens of magazines and publications spanning from remote work, marketing, remote e-commerce, digital advertising, and more.

  • What is The Remote CEO's mission?

    When we say that we want to eliminate entrepreneur burnout, we mean it. Too many business owners overwork themselves to the point of no return. They spend years fighting high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. In the best-case scenario, they scale their business and live in a constant state of stress. We said stop. The Remote CEO program teaches entrepreneurs how to build businesses that fit their perfect lifestyle and not the other way around. Whether you want to explore the world while working or spend a lot more time with your loved ones doing what you enjoy, this program will help you achieve it.