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Too many professionals spend years fighting high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. In the best-case scenario, they scale their business but work long hours. We said stop. We teach professionals how to build businesses that fit their perfect lifestyles. First, we help you launch commission-only lead gen systems to get 15 to 25 sales calls a week. Then we teach you how to get unlimited press without hiring costly PR firms. Then, once deals start coming in, we'll give you tools and coaching to build and train your rockstar remote team.

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The 6 Pillars of The Remote CEO Framework

Why hire a lead generation agency, a PR agency, a podcast agency, and a social media agency when you can build a 5-star remote team, scale faster, and build a stronger business for a fraction of the cost?

Mindset and Decision Making

Create your powerful vision, set exciting goals, and let your everyday decisions get you the results.

Delegation, Automation and Management

Use our turnkey systems to hire, train, and manage your remote teams. From managing a podcast to getting you lots of PR, your remote team can do all the heavy lifting for you.

Sales and Lead Generation team building

Build your own commission-based lead generation and sales team to get dozens of sales calls booked each week. Use our training and reporting tools to manage your team's performance.

PR and Brand Building

Become an authority and get high-ticket clients and ongoing referrals without spending thousands of dollars a month on a PR agency. Train your staff with our resources and get your PR done in-house.

Productivity and Lifestyle design

Protect your dream lifestyle from procrastination, stress, and guilt. Build a recession-proof business and have fun while doing it.

Money and Cash Flow

Learn proven ways to manage your cash flow while growing. Invest your profits and join the financially free.

Watch & Listen To What Our Members Have To Say...


Liam was stuck on the freelancer hamster wheel, working 16-hour days. He’s always been an amazing audio and video specialist, but he wanted to travel and live like a Remote CEO. With Deniero’s coaching, he was able to build his reputation online, land high-ticket clients, build a remote team, and start traveling while working. He says, “I only do what I love now, and I get paid very well for it. To me, that’s the meaning of freedom.”


Shawn started working with Deniero in late 2017. He participated in ongoing calls and masterminds, and he was able to build a true e-commerce empire. Shawn went from zero to 1.2 million dollars in sales a year in three short years. With Deniero’s support, he also built his remote team, and now he only focuses on the high-impact activities that generate incredible revenue. All the rest is taken care of by his remote team.


Lucas is the definition of an action taker. He went from freelancer and only working with referrals, to agency owner with a fully remote team and an ongoing stream of clients. Lucas got coached on PR, lead generation, sales, and team building. He knew he needed both, knowledge and accountability. His success was so fast and impressive that he is now coaching entrepreneurs in the fitness industry to scale their businesses online.

Bradley Watson

Bradley is an incredibly successful real estate broker and investor and is also the host of Toronto’s #1 Real Estate Podcast. His content has always been on point, but he knew he needed to hire outside help to take care of the day-to-day tasks and free his schedule. After we walked him through that process, we helped Bradley get into the podcast space and the rest is history. Bradley is proof that no matter how busy you are, you can always grow your personal brand.

Yuvika Ramlal

Ron and Yuvika are the owners of the fastest-growing meal-prep business in Ontario. They already had an amazing product and their branding was on point. They just needed to amplify their reach with the right type of Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and influencer marketing. After getting coaching and hands-on help, their sales increased tremendously starting from their first month and they saw consistent growth ever since.

Kimberly Hoffman

Kimberly went from a local professional to a nationally acclaimed physiotherapist in a matter of a few months. She says, “thanks to Deniero’s coaching, I was featured on all major national channels and publications. People recognize me on the street now!” Kimberly built a fantastic online business that helps new mothers get back in physical (and mental) shape. She’s able to make such a big impact from the comfort of her own home.

More Success Stories

Before I met Deniero I was getting in my own way. I was stuck in the status quo not moving toward the life of my dreams. Now I have the confidence to close sales calls at a 60% conversion rate, build rapport with my prospects, and charge what I’m worth. What sets Deniero apart is the amount of real-time knowledge he offers. On every call with Deniero, I am several steps closer to knowing exactly what it takes to make my dreams come true. I can’t wait to look back in 10 years and thank him for his support and guidance.



Over the past several years, Deniero’s guidance, especially around Facebook ads, has helped me improve my business significantly. I used to try to watch YouTube videos to figure it out myself, but Deniero’s tips are like a shortcut to the right answers. When I started working with him, I went from zero revenue from Facebook ads to making $4k to $5k in profit each month (and growing) thanks to his direction. I trust him more than any other source.



I wanted to improve my technical skills with sales, and that’s how I found Deniero. I didn’t have a specific goal in mind at first, but he quickly steered me into practising sales techniques and highlighting areas that I could improve on. Not long after that, I started making game-changing sales with ease! Deniero is enthusiastic without going overboard, and is one of the most genuine people I’ve worked with. His advice is priceless and I can always count on him when I need coaching.



We have been working with Deniero for three years. Over this time, he helped us increase sales by multiple 5-figures every month. Our e-commerce sales have been consistently growing by 30% year after year, and our return customer rate is excellent. Deniero is on top of new trends and will quickly help us implement changes to maximize sales, even triple the usual amount. Deniero always goes above and beyond and will do anything in his power to make his clients successful. I would recommend him to anyone interested in growing their online presence and their business



Philip Li

Ernesto Leal


  • Is this program for everyone?

    Yes! As long as you have a business and you are ready to learn how to build your remote team, build your brand, charge more, and work less, you are in the right place. However, this is not a "make money online" program. We help you grow the business you already have.

  • I'm not too tech savvy. Will it be to hard for me?

    You don't need to be tech-savvy to do this. A lot of the coaching revolves around timeless business principles. While you are expected to know how to use your computer and smartphone, the whole point of the program is to help you grow your brand, charge more, and hire the right talent to do all the "technical stuff" for you.

  • I have a very busy schedule. How much time would I need?

    This is an 8-week program. Every week you will get about one hour of video content to watch, and you will also get to hop on a 1-hour group coaching call with Deniero. Don't forget that the whole point of the program is to teach you how to work less whle growing your business. Our systems and step-by-step processes will shave 10/15 hours a week off your busy schedule.

  • I operate in a very small niche. Can this program help me too?

    We have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs in over 50 niches. From digital marketers, fitness coaches, medical professionals, e-commerce entrepreneurs, tour operators, contractors, builders, doctors, real estate agents, app developers, to caterers, graphic designers, industrial designers, sales coaches, business coaches, clothing manufactures, yoga instructors, and the list goes on. As we said, the Remote CEO Academy teaches you hands-on business principles that apply to all niches and that stood the test of time.

Meet The Creator of
The Remote CEO Framework

Deniero Bartolini is a successful Amazon seller, marketing agency owner, and coach.

Deniero's business story begins in 2012, when he started working as an internet marketer for a big Canadian corporation. As a Google premier partner, in 2012, Deniero's team was already helping businesses scale with Google Ads (previously known as Adwords). In 2015 he oversaw another partnership (this time with Shopify) and took care of 25+ Shopify and Facebook Ad accounts. At the end of 2015, while he was working hard at his corporate job, Deniero decided to use his skills to set up his first Amazon FBA store. Within months, he had already broken the 6-figure mark. In 2016 and 2017, Deniero's Amazon stores expanded in the electronics category, kitchenware, baby products, and home & garden. A the beginning of 2017, Deniero decided to get back into e-commerce agency work - Google Ads and Facebook Ads management. But this time, he wanted to focus on performance-based ads (charging 10% of gross sales.) By late 2018, he had already scaled several Google accounts. But it wasn't all fun. Deniero's schedule was so intense that he ended up having a breakdown that took him straight to the hospital. When he started a podcast, he met a great agent who introduced him to 8 and 9 figure entrepreneurs that became Deniero's mentors. With their help, he continued growing his businesses, this time with the help of a remote team of over a dozen people that let him enjoy his new lifestyle. Since then, Deniero has been helping entrepreneurs and professionals scale their businesses while working less with the help of remote teams and business systems.

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